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C-C-MASSTIMBER20 – Connectors & Fasteners for Mass Timber Construction Catalog
C-C-MASSTIMBER20 – Connectors & Fasteners for
Mass Timber Construction Catalog


With over 60 years of leadership in structural engineering, Simpson Strong-Tie is now proud to offer smart solutions for mass timber. As the first North American — based company to embrace the challenge, we're leveraging our dual passions of service and innovation to meet this industry's unique demands.

From our rigorously tested products that provide design flexibility, to a nationwide supply network that delivers exactly what you need, when you need it — our expertise and dedication ensure that mass timber builds faster, easier and stronger than ever.


Like all our North American catalogs, the Connectors & Fasteners for Mass Timber Construction Catalog is free and can be ordered by mail for your convenience.

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Find product solutions that save industry professionals delivery time and time on the jobsite — while providing the strength, flexibility and reliability they expect from Simpson Strong-Tie.

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Globally, CLT construction has been most prevalent in mid-rise commercial and mid-rise multifamily structures.

CLT Panel

Brock Commons Tallwood House

The 18-story Brock Commons Tallwood House at the University of British Columbia is one of North America's bellwether CLT construction projects.

CLT Suppliers

Redstone Arsenal Candlewood Suites Hotel

In the U.S., the Redstone Arsenal Candlewood Suites Hotel in Huntsville, Alabama, was the first hotel in the country built using CLT.


CLT panels are made up of three to nine layers of lumber. The layers are stacked at alternating 90° angles and are glued together with a nontoxic adhesive.

CLT wood is typically spruce, but a panel can also contain pine, fir or both.

A CNC machine is used to prefabricate panels for the construction site.

CLT Suppliers

CLT manufacturing is a small but rapidly growing industry in North America. Mass timber suppliers in the United States and Canada have been building new mills in anticipation of increased demand for CLT panels and other mass timber products.

Making the Connections

CLT panels are interconnected with long timber screws and metal hardware. Also, CLT jobs often involve glulam post and beam construction that utilizes concealed connectors. Finally, hybrid construction utilizing hot-rolled steel beams and CLT floors is gaining traction. Connections of this sort are typically made with screws driven through the steel flange into the CLT floor panel.

CLT Panel