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Our Yield-Link connection is precision-made to meet the tough demands and increased loads of structural steel construction. From building owners to engineers, to contractors and fabricators, the Yield-Link's state-of-the-art design saves everyone time and money—while providing a connection that keeps structural steel buildings strong and safe.

Yield-Link Connection for Structural Steel Construction

Yield-Link Connection for Structural Steel Construction

Yield-Link Connection for Structural Steel Construction

Yield-Link Connection Structural Steel Case Study

Building Owners
Building Owners
  • Saves time and costs on fabrication and erection
  • Reduced fabrication and erection time accelerates your construction timeline, allowing for faster building occupancy and for more projects to be built
  • Requires no onsite welding of the moment connections, reducing labor and welding inspection costs
  • Replaceable Yield-Links allow for less costly repairs and shorter recovery times
  • Accepted into AISC 358-16 and code listed in ICC-ES ESR-2802
  • Prequalified to be used in special and intermediate steel moment frames
  • Can be integrated into your design software
  • Moment frames can be designed without beam bracing
  • Small restricted zone
  • Supported by our engineering and sales services
General Contractors
  • Reduces difficult coordination between welders and inspectors
  • No delays for field welding and welding inspection of the moment connections
  • Faster construction cycle times
  • Faster superstructure erection times
  • Small restricted zone for easier MEP coordination
  • Moment frames can be designed without beam bracing
  • A partner for structural steel buildings
  • Requires no field welding, saving you onsite labor cost and erection time
  • All shop welds are allowed as fillet welds, providing a simple fabrication process to allow you to produce more tonnage
  • Bolted onsite erection accelerates the construction timeline
  • All connections use standard holes and slots
  • Shop welds do not require inspection from Simpson Strong-Tie
  • No licensing fee
  • Yield-Link to column and beam-to-shear tab bolted connections approved as snug-tight



To streamline the structural analysis and connection design using the Simpson Strong-Tie special moment frame Yield-Link connections, we have created tools and a design guide to assist the Designers. Our supporting software plugins can help you quickly plan, model and document complete designs according to your project's unique specifications—all while staying on time and within budget.

Learn About the Plugins




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